The best Halloween costumes from pro athletes in 2022

It’s probably no surprise that professional athletes love Halloween. Instead of going to a boring job like the rest of us, they get to play a kids’ game for work, and they get to dress up in a little costume every time they take the court or field or ice, too.

SB Nation published a list of elite Halloween costume suggestions last week, but so far no athlete has taken our advice. That’s okay, because athletes rocked some pretty great costumes this year anyway.

We will update this post as more costumes come in. In the meantime, scroll through some athlete Halloween costumes from 2018. Here are the best costumes we’ve seen from pro athletes in 2022 so far.

Grant Williams’ Batman costume won sports Halloween 2022

absolutely obsessed with grant williams showing up to tonight’s game wearing a halloween costume, playing the game, and then putting it back on after so he could do his entire postgame presser in character

— Molly Morrison (@mollyhannahm) October 31, 2022

Absolutely love how committed to the bit Grant Williams is here. I also love how Jayson Tatum completely roasted him:

CJ Mosley is Bane

Only way this could get better is if the Jets were playing in Pittsburgh.

A’ja Wilson is every Scooby Doo character

She crushed this.

Jerry Jones dressed up as a blind ref

What was he thinking with this one? Pretty offensive.

Jason Kelce rocks a Batman mask

John Wall is Martin Lawrence in ‘Blue Streak’

Pascal Siakam is 50 Cent

This is excellent. Gen Z will never know how big 50 Cent was back in the day.

Lane Johnson dressed up as Jason Kelce

Stefanie Dolson is Cruella de Vil

We’ll update this story as it develops.


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